About Us

Welcome to Hamilton Design USA - an independent sales and service agency based in Burton, Ohio. We sell and support an array of seeding machines and transplanters manufactured by Hamilton Design Ltd in the United Kingdom.

We're dedicated to providing growers the means to produce their own plug-raised seedlings. At a time when plug technology was in its infancy, we designed and launched the Hamilton Natural Seeder, a machine capable of sowing a diverse range of seeds into virtually any pot, tray or container. Since then, our machines have become world leaders in the field of horticultural seeders - selling in more than thirty countries world-wide - and are now firmly established as the standard against which others are compared.


Still very much a family business, Hamilton Design continues to innovate and provide elegant, reliable and cost-effective solutions to horticultural problems. We offer equipment and personal service so you can run your business efficently, with little to no waste.